Preview screening: Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler

Preview screening: Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler


Dan Gilroy’s Nightcrawler is a pivotal role for Jake Gyllenhaal and not just for his physique. Jake plays Louis Bloom,a nocturnal, entrepreneurial scavenger on the hunt for a job wherever he can find one and at any cost. He tries his hand at metal refinery by stealing manhole covers and clipping cyclone fences from private property, when that doesn’t pay off, he stumbles upon a line of work that is just his speed, news video stringing.

One fateful night Louis’ curiosity leads him to a fiery car crash on the highway where he witnesses two cops saving a woman’s life while a film crew flocks to the scene to bleed it for every newsworthy moment it has. This sparks his interest, inner animal instinct, and drive to become a freelance news video stringer. This job description entails viciously hunting down gore ‘newsworthy’ crime scenes, home invasions, carjacking, and accidents; the bloodier the better, filming it and quickly selling it to the highest paying, lowest mortality rate, news station for the morning news. For all of Angelinos to gorge on while they prepare for another day in the urban jungle.This job is perfect for Louis considering he lacks empathy for human kind.

Once Louis achieved an objective, he then pawned his way to his first camera and police scanner, the next step was to assemble a team as hungry as he is,which lead him to Nina, played by Rene Russo, the News Director of KWLA. Nina is a former news reporter, past her prime, who moves around from news station to news station as a News Director who possesses the same hunger that Louis does for finding the lead that bleeds.

The next step to any business to survive is to hire a desperate intern, in Louis’ case he expands his ‘company’ by bringing a young homeless man, Rick, Riz Ahmed,on board his nightly excursions. Together they scour Los Angeles racing toward any whiff of blood and fear in the air and filming all of the money shots disregarding boundaries and morality. They become vultures picking at the wounded, dead, and dying to survive.

Throughout Nightcrawler Louis seizes every opportunity presented, breaks down everyone around him to gain control and power. Two questions that Louis asks himself before getting into the business, which derived from an online business course that Louis took, ‘what do you want to do?’ and ‘why do you want to do it?’ and later the question became; ‘what are you willing to do to get it?’

Bloom entered the news industry with no experience, only drive. He reveals that everyone has a price, morally, ethically, and of course; monitaly. To win the lottery you must first earn the money to buy the ticket.