Behind The Silver Screen: My Alien & Artistic Encounter

Behind The Silver Screen: My Alien & Artistic Encounter

This summer I had the pleasure and opportunity to meet an iconic influence in the film industry and a talented artist who accents the world of film: Matt Winston.

I was first starstruck when I saw a familiar face in the crowd while I was waiting for a dinner reservation. Some how I knew this man without ever having met him. I had subconsciously remembered him from a few films that I had seen and couldn’t shake the familiar feeling until I confirmed that it was the man who I thought he was. Indeed my gut feeling served me right. The man I had recognized was Matt Winston. If you have seen Fight Club, A.I. Artificial Intelligence, or Little Miss Sunshine then you may be able to distinguish him in a crowd as well. Over dinner I got to know Matt and his family, Matt shared some insight about his screenplay and how he is keeping his father’s dream alive.

But what makes this man and his father so iconic? Any attendant to a science-fiction, horror, or action film in the past twenty years would subconsciously recognize Stan Winston’s work. Stan was the innovator and creator of Jurassic Park‘s prehistoric animatronic dinosaurs, AlienA.I. Artificial Intelligence, and many more creatures featured in film. In other words, Stan is responsible for the monsters, aliens, and robots we’ve come to know, love, and fear. Stan’s work has been awarded by Oscars, Emmys, and many more along with a copious amount of nominations.

Outside of acting and screen writing Matt is keeping his father’s dream and success alive through the Stan Winston School of Character Arts. This high definition media based school teaches a range of film aspects from Hollywood’s most talented and recognized.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Metin Bereketli, a famous, charitable artist who has blessed the film world with his paintings. Metin is known for his art that made its way on to the screen in shows such as FriendsE.R.Gilmore Girls, and many more recognizable television shows. Metin’s style is unique because of the minute detail that characterizes his artwork. When I visited his gallery he handed me a magnified glass and truly showed me the magnitude of his artwork. Metin has received a bevy of appreciation from many celebrities throughout the years and uses his fame to raise money for several charitable causes.

I hope I get to meet even more influences and icons in the industry that light up the silver screen and inspire so many people.

Stan Winston & Alien model

Matt Winston

Metin Bereketli