Meier In The Making: Telling My Love Story–Online

Meier In The Making: Telling My Love Story–Online

Rockaway 2014
Chelsea & Dennis

Recently, I became engaged to my boyfriend of 5 years and I’ve decided to take my Bridal Experience to social media. My fiance, Dennis, is a Plant Operator for Chevron and enjoys camping, fishing, and riding his motorcycle when the weather permits him. In our free time, we enjoy hunting down the best hole-in-the-wall food places in Portland, which there are many of, and shamelessly binge-watching through our pick of a television series.

Since I have recently started to work for In The Flicker, I spend most of my day creating social media content and building websites for various clients, and I asked myself: Why not tell my Bridal story? For those of you who don’t know our story and don’t have any intention of clicking through to my wed-site, that’s right I just made that happen, we met at Russell Elementary School. I was in the 2nd-grade and he was in the 5th-grade with my older sister Casey. I became more acquainted with Dennis, The Menace, through our weekly reading buddy activities, which is where my school girl crush began. From there I would spend my time during recess watching, from a safe distance, swooning over the blonde-haired, blue-eyed, freckled kid, as he played four square. Unfortunately, I moved to a different school district for the 3rd-grade not knowing if our paths would cross again. Luckily, my older sister stayed in touch with him and once he had served four years in the U.S. Air Force she hosted a Welcome Home gathering where we were reunited.

Cleopatra & Caesar Halloween 2014
Cleopatra & Caesar Halloween 2014

Fast-forward to five years later, after I had attended the University of Oregon and lived around in Los Angeles for a while, we got a house together and became cat parents. Dennis proposed to me on our five-year anniversary at the same place where it all began: Russell Elementary.

I started my social media project by collaborating with my fiance by choosing a free website layout provided by The Knot because let’s face it; we have a wedding to pay for and saving everywhere counts. From there my fiance and me, mostly me due to my amount of website creating experience vs. his, told our stories about where we came from, how we met, and how we got to where we are today. We also picked out our favorite photos from various events and holidays over the years together to drive home really how long we’ve been together, and how long it has taken for him to pop the question.

Once we decided on a venue and a date I created our wedding hashtag for our family and friends to follow along while I search for a dress, learn to dance, put together showers and other details about our upcoming wedding. If you’d like to follow along at #DCMeierWedding for our most recent updates. For more details about my favorite Bride-To-Be resources you can check out my wedding blog: Meier In The Making.


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